Host Partner’s Name
Host Partner’s Physical Address


Open Art Show and Auction


For the


Indigenous People of Community


Three Categories; Traditional, Open and Youth


27,000 Pesos in prizes.


Pieces will Auction for sale on the Internet at and

Date and time of viewing




  1. Please register at Host Partner from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Date and 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Date.
  2. Any Indigenous Artist may enter up to two pieces at no cost to the artist.  Registration fee applies to pieces after the first two as follows, 3 – 5 pieces (10 Pesos each), 5 – 10 pieces (100 pesos each) and 11 pieces and more (1000 pesos each).  Registration fees are subject to change without notice.  All Indigenous Artists will be given an opportunity to enter prior to additional ‘for fee’ pieces will be registered.
  3. All artists must be Indigenous People and residing in Community and area.
  4. All art must be original art, not copies or reproductions, from any medium, created by registering artist.
  5. Judges decisions are final and based on judging criteria available on line and at the show.
  6. Prizes awarded in three categories. 
    A)        Traditional – Pieces based on Indigenous Traditional Knowledge.
    B)        Open Category – Any Medium.  Any Subject.
    C)        Youth (Must be Indigenous Person) – Open Category but Registering Artist must be     under 18 years of age.
    First Prize 5000 pesos, Second Prize 2500 pesos, Third Prize 1000 pesos, Jury Prize 500 pesos in each category.  Prizes are awarded at a Gala Dinner on Date.  Winning Artists advance to Regional Shows.
  7. Unsold pieces and Artist revenue from auction sales may be picked up in person on Date at a place and time to be identified during the show.
  8. Photos of all pieces entered in a Show/Auction hosted by Kalinawa Art Foundation are kept in perpetuity to assist in the protection of the Artist’s Copyright privileges.  Any Copyright infringement by entering a work of Art in the Show/Auction or as a result of being entered in the Show/Auction will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Philippine and international law.  Photos may be published with the title, description, artist name, culture and community when it is promoting, publicizing and archiving the art for the recognition of Indigenous Peoples Art of the Philippines for non-revenue purposes.
  9. Kalinawa Art Foundation, Management, Staff and hosting Gallery accept no responsibility or liability for any false claims made by any person with respect to the status of the artists or artistic copyright.